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Do you ever feel like your family is stuck?

Or maybe your family is drowning in
busyness and you’re begging
for some downtime.

No matter which end of the
spectrum you relate to, your family
is being propelled in a direction.


Download our free Family Values Tracker.

Family Values Tracker

Whether you’ve ever stated them out loud or not,

every person has values they live their life by.

Those values steer the direction of your choices, your priorities,
and ultimately, your life.

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Have you taken the time to think about what your family values are?

If you haven’t, we know for a fact that you aren’t devoid of values, but your values are running like a hidden program in the back of your life. Don’t just take our word for it—take a look at your calendar and bank account.

Where have you been spending your time and money? That’ll give you a pretty good idea of what you value.

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We believe

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of your loved ones is a legacy that’s built both in your lifetime and beyond. But building your legacy requires intentional direction—and that’s where identifying your values can work to your advantage!

We’ve partnered with Dr. Josh + Christi Straub of Famous At Home to bring you this free Family Values Tracker to help you and your family identify your values so you are empowered to live intentionally and Take Care of what matters most. Whether you’re a single person or a single parent, a family of three or a family of eight, we know this will be valuable to you (see what we did there? 😉).

Once you download our free Family Values Tracker, you’ll see that we’ve provided our list of 100 Commonly Held Family Values.We encourage you to take time individually to circle the top ten values you most want to define your family. If you’re a single parent with older kids, invite them to join in on the process too!

Once each person has chosen their top ten, rank them from one to ten in order of importance. Then, come together with your spouse or your kids and narrow your list to your top three to five values. Start with the values that made the cut on everyone’s list.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate Bible verses or meaningful quotes that resonate with your family. After all, your values should be unique to your family! Once you’ve established your values, make them visible in your home so they can stay at the top of your mind. Create some wall art or post them on a plaque so you can talk about them with your kids and visitors.

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Download our free Family Values Tracker

and start moving your family in the right direction today!