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Ep•ic (adj.) - Telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures.

Here at Epic Will, we believe everyone has an epic story to tell, and whether you know it or not, you are the HERO of your life, your story!

We've made it easy to write your story with our online Will platform in as little as 5 minutes and less cost than a trip to Target. Writing your story starts by taking control and being prepared for tomorrow, today!

Why Everyone Needs Epic Will


First-time parent? Early in your career? Recent empty nester? The situation doesn’t matter–everyone deserves to have peace of mind that everything is taken care of when planning for your family and yourself.

A Will is not just about your stuff, or just for the elderly. It’s about leaving behind your legacy, having your voice be heard when you can’t speak for yourself, and being there for your loved ones even after you’re gone.

Epic Will enables you to decide today how the future may go should the unexpected happen.

  • Deciding what healthcare decisions you want. 
  • Deciding how you want your belongings distributed. 
  • Deciding who cares for your children. 
  • Deciding who you trust with your health and financial decisions.

Writing Your Story Is Easy With Epic Will


Every day, you are writing your story and building your estate. That’s why we’re here…to help you secure your EARLY estate plan,  or what we like to call - Estate Building!

Think of Estate Building as the roadmap for your life, where you outline and plan exactly what you want for you and your family’s future. It allows you to create something that will stick with you as you continue writing your story throughout every stage of your life. Epic Will offers you the opportunity to build a comprehensive plan for what happens next, one that covers everything you need when you can’t make decisions for yourself. 

That’s why we include everything you need in one simple-to-use platform:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Advanced Directive
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA release
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Access for your Representatives
  • Free Will updates for life when your Representative sign up for a free account


Why We Created Epic Will

We built Epic Will because we didn’t see the RIGHT solution for creating an easy and affordable early estate plan in the market. Seriously.

We created Epic Will because YOU are writing your story and building your estate one day at a time. We want to help you secure your story today, and support you as you continue to grow and start new chapters. That is why you won't be charged fees every year, upcharged for a Trust that isn't customized, or charged for regular updates.*

*So long as your representatives create a free account with to have access to your documents, you will never be charged for an update.

This is Missional For Us

If something were to ever happen to you, a Will ensures your widowed spouse is taken care of, and your children will never become orphans. 

Our services ensure that every adult and child in the United States is “spoken for” and secure for the future.

This is it—the whole reason this company was formed—to create a quick, easy and affordable way to take care of you and your loved ones. We believe everyone should have the ability to protect their family, leave a lasting legacy, and live confidently knowing their loved ones are taken care of with Epic Will.

  • Provide single mothers with children under 18 across the United States with access to a FREE Will, because we want to help protect their children and relieve them of one less worry.
  • Partner with life-changing organizations, dedicated to providing MILLIONS of orphans across the world with loving homes.
  • Impact a generation to start their early estate planning to ensure no one is left without a plan for their future.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Our goal is to impact the lives of two million families, one million single moms, and over 100,000 orphans by 2025. Because every child deserves a family and every family deserves to feel safe—but we need your help!

By creating your Will with Epic Will, you're supporting our mission to help orphans and single moms in need. Not only will single moms have access to a FREE Will, but we will also be donating 10% of our profits to organizations like 1MILLIONHOME, an organization dedicated to helping orphans find a home. We believe that no child should be left in a situation where their future is left undetermined.

Join us on our journey because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about our stories, but protecting those in need.



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