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last will and testament

Who will care for your kids and who gets your treasured possessions should be YOUR decision.

healthcare power of attorney

Should you ever be in a situation where you're unable to make health-related decisions for yourself, you need someone to speak to doctors on your behalf.

Living Will / Advance Directive

When facing big decisions concerning "life support", your family will know what your wishes are.

Financial Power of Attorney

You worked hard for what you have. Whom do you trust to handle any and all of your financial obligations if you can't?

It's Super Easy

State-specific and legally binding in just 4 easy steps



Choose a package for yourself or one for you and your spouse.



In five minutes you will be shown how to
complete your Will and why each step is important. All from your computer or phone.



After your Will is saved, print your PDF and visit your local UPS or check with your bank to get notarized!



As life changes, Epic Will is there for you with free updates for life*

Because who you love and what you've earned deserve to be protected.

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Epic Will comes standard with all the features you need to keep your family safe. Don’t choose between complete protection and price.

  • Free Updates for Life*
  • Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Secure Information
  • State-Specific Last Will and Testament
  • State-Specific Living Will/Advanced Directive
  • State-Specific Health Care Power of Attorney
  • State-Specific HIPAA Release
  • Created by Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Specify Specific Gifts
  • Personal Property Memorandum
  • Step-by-step Instructions

*When your representatives create their free account with EpicWill.com to have access to your documents, you will receive free updates for life!

Your Will. Your way.

We have two packages to fit your life. Select which package is right for you and start your Will.

Married Will Package

Complete Estate Planning documents for you and your spouse to plan for your family.


includes two Wills: one for you to complete and one for your spouse

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Individual Will Package

Complete Estate Planning documents to protect yourself and provide instruction for your family.


includes one Will for you to complete

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We stand behind our attorney-written, state-specific, legally binding Wills. They have been created by attorneys with decades of estate planning experience. But hey, if this doesn't work for you, we'll issue a full refund with some questions asked!


Protect Your Family

Your state specific Last Will & Testament will ensure your wishes are executed.


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